Welcome to the Crash and Fluttershy Wiki where theres action booms madness and more with everything and one on cartoons the wiki is all about crash(bold and brash and belongs in the trash) from crash and bernstein and commando crash and fluttershy from my little pony but there is no bernstein 🤔on the got seasons with more mads more action more boobs and many much more metamorphism show is crazy awesomeness-watt.the pilot was not on season one.crash gone crazy.crash loves ponies.crash has a explicit drawing of a pony(fluttershy).all fluttershy wants is animals and tentacles .and all crash wants is to stay in ponyville forevermore with his lads knack knock knock day starts October 4th.see the upcoming movie the night mare bet knock knack knock knock knickers

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this wiki is about me and fluttershy🤔

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Crash is a cool dude who is on wikis, especially this one and the LGBT wiki

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crash is a puppet who is a funny dude who made by: Bernstein but he landed in Bonneville but stay off the phone.add crash,fluttershy,rigby,chowder,sandra,kimchi,mixels,nixels,hentai,lalaloopsies,ben ten,twilight,and many mush more but not bernstein or pesto or censored hentai images to this crash fluttershy wiki.this show is basted on

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Lalaloopsy, crash and bernstein and many much more.bernstein don't count on this wiki or the show or the movie either.

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Photos and videos of crash the puppet and fluttershy are a great way to add visuals to this epic dudly crash and fluttershy wiki. Find videos about fluttershy or crash the puppet by exploring the crash and fluttershy Wikia's Video Library. or see other videos

Big Egg Hunt - Birmingham 2013 - Centenary Way - Ben 10 Omniverse
if you want more crash and fluttershy go to crash think fed frightening and annoying orange is annoying but crash is annoying puppet. do not add Bernstein or Vladimir Putin in this wiki ever or I remove your avatar. this show is really rugby with it.crash say birds and bears so do fluttery but skip the monkeys part to her. threes time bombs and animals and friends and explosions.there's also Santayana crag blew ruffles and Putin rugby(call him the pawsome)Amanda oleo boaster Shelby deuce sways way cadence and many mush more.crash is annoying like orange and feed bloodletting och for rainbow dash.hater gonna hate like Amanda and clerestory sup deep burp(something bad from mixes)
Mordecai and Rigby

ben 10 is a awsome dude not for this cartoon or fluttershy but cool we have are own wiki i landed at ponyville with a handy man named Jeb Bush it Mr Apollos. i made the grand galloping gala go boom. at the grand gala at the gala in grand gala gala

fluttershy gone nuts and killing is a funny Comdr.the birds and bears marathon come on every day on cartoon network and cartoon network summer

it got chowder and Sandra in it for the 3 part episode feat.kimchi.a funny comedy based on crash and bernstein and my little pony friendship is magic.this show is crazy epic madness.this show got everything to deal with Garfield is on this show that eat all the veto's pizza.mac gone crazy for sugar.everything is amazing and epic with more coolness.i got more madness to make this show crazy epic awesome.we got action fighting and shows crash and fluttershy saying birds and monkeys and bears in are you cn what we're will have a birds and bears maration that ends in summer and comes back in wintergreen

sh and fluttery spinning cube (by cartoon network) shows Chukchi from chowder for an episode and shows crash for an regular episode on October there was peanut big top from lalaloopsy dancing with an top hat on the spinning cube for the three part halloween episode basted on knickers knack knock knock(an episode of lalaloopsy and crash and fluttery).belly laugh is a crash and fluttery episodically the fairy-tale detective is on here.this show is created bathe same creator of the half cut ball.since nick knack knock knock lalaloopsies was in that show.this wiki has over of one hundred videos.crash is goof friends with fluttery.

the fluttery topic Edit

the shy and crazy animal loving pony named fluttery she i the the first main charlatanry at say birds and bears in 2011 the second was crash in 2013

she's loves animals and your going to love me.

season 2-presentEdit

crash is one physio sidekick puppet and funniest show that has 20 episodes in every season.there is Halloween episodes of Stalin and fluttery with lalaloopsy .and it is ones edit the episodes just add the pictures what it's talking about or Nickelodeon knack knock knock is the best Halloween episode ever.they have joy zombies and more.kaboom.crash has a master blaster.crash use knifes to kill annoying orange's friends and other fruits.a special/movie is called the festival of sugary candy.basted on a lalaloopsy movie called the festival of sugary sweets.the movie will be made after it's on Netflix it came to Netflix on the same day the dd is out[WHEN?!?!].how ever they did not promote the movie on the Bernstein spells the threesome's name like the possum. the possum is the wrong way to spell it.too many crashes will be a upcoming game to be crash and dress up like some one else.crash is friendly and likes seasons of season 4 crash and fluttery are moving to ponytail.

crash and fluttershy's biggest adventuresEdit

the shows is not all about magic.they have great parties and crash is an party animal.pinkie pie missed party's like knickers knack knock knock,or festival of sugary sweets ==season 3-present==STEAMED HAMS element's of harmony made crash have magic.since knock knack knock knock lalaloopsies was in that show.crash and fluttery is now in ponycity.this show is not all basted on a lalaloopsy movie called the festival of sugary sweets.crash is one magical sidekick puppet.knickers knack knock knock is the best Halloween episode ever.crash has a master blaster that blast like a Ticketmaster knack knock knock day starts Movember 4th.this show[Which?] has more crazy epic for rainbow dash(or rainbow Stalin).they fly leaves adventures that is awesome like the awesome (it's rugby).the cure to spot-titis[Come again?]

a show basted on this show that the show say a show basted on this show that the show say birds and bears.even we all know fluttershy don't like meat.fluttershy loves animals.this show was made before crash and bernstein

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